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16% (April)

5% - Mundane memories of life before the series and during the time skip, sans plot-related details. Post.
5% - Getting hit by the virus and the aftermath regarding his parents, plus his powers as a Comrade. Post.
1% - How to play soccer. Thread.
8% - The raid on the base and the oil rig. No details on the people he was with at the time, or why. Post.
10% - His first appearance and the beginning of his journey with Taisuke. Post.
10% - The rabbit illusion incident. Post.

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Jan. 11th, 2020 03:02 pm
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Yuta's powers are frankly kind of weird, so here is my catch-all description of how they work so I don't have to keep describing it!

Besides other Comrade abilities common to all who were infected (fairly fast regeneration, unusual strength and speed), Yuta has the unique power to isolate. This is done by creating a barrier around an area and, presumably, a person or object. Whatever is inside of this barrier is completely isolated from the outside world and unable to be seen or sensed (unless he specifically wants the outside to be able to see it), to the point where even deity-like forces cannot locate the contents. However, since it is also sealed off from oxygen, he can only hide people or living creatures inside for a limited amount of time, assuming he didn't isolate with the intent of killing it.

Which he probably won't! He only tried that a couple of times and that was a long while ago.

There are a few limits on this power. For one thing, it only works while he is focusing on it. While Yuta has a remarkably strong focus for a child (it gets wobbly when he's threatened, but he can still keep it going) if you really put him through the wringer the barrier will probably break. The same goes for killing him while the barrier is up.

The barrier itself can be pretty dang big - he manages to put a barrier around an oil platform of the artificial island variety with room to spare. Unfortunately, he can only really keep one going at a time due to the concentration necessary.

Additionally, the edge of the barrier can be found from the inside or out by running into it, as it simply blocks objects from passing. It doesn't hurt to run into it; the moving force is just stopped.


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